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  • Hydroxy Phase +...

    Hydroxy Phase + SuperShred

    Max's Super Shred - Eating a low carb, high protein diet forces your body to burn more body fat as fuel. The result - you get leaner, faster. Both male and female trainers can use Max's HP+ to help build and maintain muscle while quickly stripping fat. Use Max's HP+ as part of a controlled carbohydrate diet for fast fat stripping results.  


  • Mass Gainer Pro...

    Mass Gainer Pro-Xtreme is a new generation weight and mass gainer designed to help build massive size and strength and maximise muscle recovery and growth after intense training.


  • Muscle Builder SRT

    Max's Cell Repair (Beyond Maxs Muscle Builder SRT) - Train like an animal then recover like never before! With Cell Repair you will recover faster, get back in the gym sooner, and be able to attack every single workout with all out gut busting intesity. Your system will respond by stimulating each muscle fibre for amazing strength and size gains.


  • Muscle Growth GTE

    Max's Growth GTE - If you're looking to kick start more muscle growth, Max's Muscle Growth GTE (Glutamine Peptides/Taurine/Digestive Enzymes) is the ideal high protein matrix to take your gains to a new level. Sports science shows the best way to pack on lean muscle is to train with high intensity and support your training with plenty of high quality...


  • Nitetime

    Max's NiteTime Protein - After hard weight training studies show that most muscle growth (up to 40%) occurs during the REM phase of sleep, the deep satisfying sleep that occurs when you dream and are truly rested. But growth only occurs if your muscle can get enough protein during this phase.


  • RELOAD HGF Chocolate

    Max's Reload HGF Product Features: •Max's Reload HGF - Hydrolysed Growth Fractions •100% Premium Hydrolysed Protein •Rapidly absorbed and assimilated •Stimulate anabolic activity and muscle recovery with Max's Reload HGF •Contains glutamine peptides and BCAA's •Max's Reload HGF is low...


  • Supersize

    Max's Super Size will push your metabolism anabolic! You will pack thousands more kilojoules of muscle building nutrients into your daily eating plan to ensure you make the gains you want. Each serve in low fat milk gives you a massive 3000kj and 54 grams of protein, plus heaps of clean energy carbs to set your body up for massive muscle growth and...


  • SuperWhey

    Max's SuperWhey - 100% Pure Whey Protein this awesome new Max's formula is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced level trainers who are striving to pack on lean and defined muscle mass.  


  • WPI

    Max's Bioengineered WPI – Superior Protein Technology: Not all Whey Protein Isolates are equal. Old school WPI’s were manufactured under harsh conditions which robbed much of their bioactivity. Max's Bioengineered WPI uses new generation WPI’s enhanced with specific peptide fractions for the ultimate muscle building protein: