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  • Active Woman...

    Invigorating pre-workout energy shake Electrify your energy levels Boost your metabolism Premium protein blend Stellar vitamin complex All-natural Green Tea Low in fat


  • Bio-Synergy...

    High strength capsule formulation Volumises Muscle pump Research supported Ideal for performance athletes  


  • Bio-Synergy BCAA...

    Branch Chain Amino Acids are vital to muscle growth Give your muscles energy for tough workouts Get the leucine, isoleucine, and valine your body doesn’t produce Maximise muscle-building training Build new proteins and strengthen your body  


  • Nitrovol Recovery...

    The R & D project of the all new Nitrovol involved some of the countries best athletes & teams. The result from this process is improvement on perfection with the new Nitrovol being the best muscle building and recovery formula on the market. The result is an athlete specific post workout protocol that utilises 10 advanced stages to maximise...


  • Fuel Series...

    Fuel Series Sports Drink

    Fuel Sport drink provides an optimal fluid delivery system allowing you to perform at your athletic peak for longer periods of time.    Size: 500grams


  • Fuel Series...

    Fuel Series Advanced Sports Drink

    Fuel Advanced Sports Drink contains high glycaemic index carbohydrates, which can spare muscle and liver glycogen thereby prolonging endurance performance. Fuel Advanced Sports Drink also provides all three branched-chain amino acids [BCAAs] plus other essential amino's, which support muscle function and enhance energy.   Size:...


  • 6 Fuel Energy Gels

    BSc Fuel Energy Gel is a revolutionary new energy supplement designed to give you an unprecedented boost in energy levels. The scientific formula of clinically proven Carbohydrates specific Amino Acids, Electrolytes, and Vitamins not only provides rapid and sustained energy release, but also dramatically increases exercise performance.  ...


  • Fuel Series...

    Fuel Series Recovery Protein

    BSc Recovery Protein is a unique and cutting edge formula providing the ultimate post workout fuel to maximise your recovery    


  • High Protein Bar 65g

    Convenient way to increase daily protein consumption while watching carbohydrate intake.    


  • Nitrovol Protein Bar

    Quick and easy snack option to help crush your cravings in between meals and keep your muscle building in overdrive after workouts.    12 x 80g